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Taylor Cole

Taylor Cole Dubbed President of Firestone Building Products

Firestone Building Products LLC, announced that Bridgestone executive Taylor Cole has been named president, effective Aug. 14, 2017. Cole succeeds Tim Dunn, Firestone Building Products, who will retire Oct. 1 after more than 31 years with Firestone and its parent company, Bridgestone Americas. As president, Cole will lead the long-term growth strategy and planning for Firestone, overseeing all aspects of marketing, sales, technology and international business development.… Read more →

Sagamore Pendry Rec Pier Hotel Restoration Completed

Sagamore Pendry Rec Pier Hotel Restoration Completed

The Sagamore Pendry Rec Hotel is a restoration of the 1914 Recreation Pier in Baltimore by Beatty Harvey Coco Architects, a New York-based firm. The project, completed this year, received the Award of Excellence in the category of adaptive reuse/historic preservation in the 2017 AIA New York State Design Awards.… Read more →

Natural Stone Resource Library Surpasses 50,000 Downloads

Natural Stone Resource Library Surpasses 50,000 Downloads

MIA+BSI’s Natural Stone Resource Library has reached a new milestone of 50,000 downloads. “This incredible resource, a collection of the most comprehensive, up-to-date natural stone information in the industry, is the most valuable resource we offer,” says 2017 BSI President Daniel Wood (Lurvey Supply). “We encourage the industry to take full advantage of this free resource in order to be successful in specifying and utilizing natural stone.”… Read more →

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Reducing the Impact of Building Envelopes

Lighting and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) are the two largest uses of energy throughout the commercial building sector. In fact, lighting alone accounts for nearly 35–50 percent of total electricity consumption. Within the building envelope, however, lies the opportunity to reduce the energy being consumed and decrease a building’s overall carbon footprint. Achieving sustainability within the building envelope starts with specifying the right products. Choosing eco-friendly products doesn’t just ensure lower energy costs; it can enhance occupant health and reduce any negative impact on the building itself, as well as the environment. … Read more →

The Greenest Buildings: What Architects Should Know About Masonry Restoration and Preservation

The Greenest Buildings: What Architects Should Know About Masonry Restoration and Preservation

Nothing says sustainability more than preserving, restoring and repurposing existing buildings. The greenest buildings today are those already built. Masonry is a sustainable, resilient material that can survive floods and fires. It is the oldest and most permanent building material, exuding a sense of permanence, longevity, quality, reliability and familiarity, yet it is forgiving and flexible. Many brick buildings that were built more than 100 years ago are continuing to fulfill their original purposes, while others have been adapted for new purposes.… Read more →

Comfort Block: 90-Year-Old Maine Company Creates High-Performing Green Masonry Product

Masonry, one of the oldest and most beautiful trades, has been on a steady decline since the 1960s. Due to dramatic changes in the way today’s homes, chimneys, foundations and steps are being constructed, the industry is at its lowest point in 80 years. The average age of masonry professionals is increasing and the number entering apprenticeships is declining. In the northeast corner of the U.S., a Maine-based masonry company is quietly working to revive the declining industry through new product development and innovation.… Read more →

Bricks Incorporated: Reclaiming Chicago Common Brick

Bricks Incorporated got its start in the late 1960s as a demolition and salvage company in Chicago. When an old factory or home was scheduled for demolition, the company salvaged any desirable materials, including brick, steel, terra cotta and copper, then packaged and sold it for reuse. In the 1970s, the company scrapped the demolition business while continuing to salvage materials, and diversified into the manufacture of new brick and stone.… Read more →

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