Masonry Design magazine offers a wide-ranging look at the materials, trends and technologies that aid architects and engineers in creating better masonry projects. The editorial mission of Masonry Design is to educate and inform architects, engineers and specifiers about the vital role that masonry plays in the construction markets in the United States and Canada, as well as to promote masonry and masonry systems in building design (commercial, residential, institutional and educational), interior design and hardscaping applications.

Each issue of Masonry Design includes fresh perspectives from industry experts on the themes of design trends, masonry materials and design technologies, as well as in-depth profiles of the architectural and engineering firms that shape the industry.

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    Toward the end of 2006, I started to think about how there was an important hole to be filled in the world of business-to-business publishing for the construction industry. My thought was that neither independent publishers nor professional associations were serving the needs of architects and engineers who design with…
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    I’m pleased to report that since our debut at the World of Concrete / World of Masonry in Las Vegas earlier this year, Masonry Design and Lionheart Publishing, Inc., have received a very enthusiastic reaction from you, our inaugural subscribers, and from many suppliers and contractors who not only want…
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    Sponsored content: Look around you. If you are in an urban or suburban environment, chances are that many of the buildings and other structures in your environment are built with masonry. From concrete block home foundations to elegant stone facades, from contemporary concrete veneers to classic brick buildings, the beauty,…
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    Welcome to the first issue of Masonry Design! It’s hard to believe that little more than one year ago, the staff at Lionheart Publishing took our idea for this magazine and presented it to you and the industry. The overwhelming response was, “Yes. The industry needs this publication.” “Finally,” you…
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