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Greencore USA Super High Yield Mortar

Greencore USA offers a full line of high-quality, high-yield and environmentally friendly cementitious building materials. All of the mortars, stuccos and grouts from Greencore USA, a QUIKRETE® company, are manufactured using a unique combination of slag cement and Portland cement to increase the environmental benefits on a project while improving productivity and reducing labor costs. …

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SPEC MIX® Set Delayed Mortar

Longer board life, great workability and excellent bond! These are the primary advantages of SPEC MIX® Set Delayed Masonry Mortar. Masons working in hot-weather climates need a high-quality, specialized mortar to combat the negative effects associated with rapid evaporation of water from the mix, and SPEC MIX Set Delayed Mortar is the solution. …

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The Next Generation of Sefaira Architecture

Sefaira has launched a major upgrade to Sefaira Architecture, cloud-based software that enables project teams to design high-performance buildings by helping them understand their energy use, environmental impact and occupant experience. …

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Construction OS Connects People, Applications and Devices Procore Construction OS is a new, cohesive platform that connects people, applications and devices to create a frictionless construction process. Construction OS is designed to improve the build process through important enhancements, including new reporting and visualization tools; access to about 100 apps in the App Marketplace; a new developer portal; and the ability…

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Tectura Designs

Tectura Designs has added an unparalleled four-color blending process to its portfolio of concrete rooftop, on-grade, and architectural pavers.…

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Watershed Block

Watershed Block has introduced a new line of block all made using local materials that celebrate the region of their origin, all produced with the latest in sustainable building materials technology.…

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Chiseled Rectangles

Chiseled Rectangles from Creative Mines offer a new perspective on masonry veneer. They are available in five distinctive colors. …

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