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Value engineering. Design-build. Green building. These are all trends affecting the way you plan and design projects. Turn to Masonry Design for latest developments on these concepts and many more.

Award-Winning Hardscape Designs

At Masonry Design, we’re always on the lookout for beautiful, innovative, and unique projects to profile. And sometimes, in order to find those projects, we must take a step back and gaze toward our feet. Indeed, there are many hardscaping and paving projects worthy of praise……

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Product Benchmarking for Greener Buildings

Selecting masonry products requires consideration of a number of attributes – performance, aesthetics and cost, to name just a few. If you’re working on a green building, the list grows. Products for sustainable projects require an additional level of scrutiny to determine environmental impacts, including operational and embodied energy, carbon footprint, and impact on human and ecosystem health.…

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Sustainable Tax Practices

Saving energy and creating jobs is a key challenge facing the design and construction industry, and a strengthened federal Energy Efficient Commercial Building Tax Deduction (179D) is the proposed solution. The AIA’s ongoing advocacy of this tax incentive, established by the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPAct), as well as its continued efforts to increase awareness of the benefits within the industry, is a clear sign of the importance of this issue.…

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Building Green Today For a Cost-Effective Tomorrow

For the past several years, the U. S. economy has seen a tremendous amount of growth in the adoption of sustainable practices. Organic and natural products now grace the isles of almost every grocery and department store. Consumer awareness has grown as more people try to purchase organic and locally grown produce. …

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Green Masonry

Last year during the Greenbuild Conference & Expo, a panel presentation on Masdar City, Abu Dhabi, caught my attention. According to the panelists, Abu Dhabi has the largest per capita carbon footprint in the world. To counteract this problem, Abu Dhabi has plans to build the first carbon-neutral, zero-waste city in the world.…

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Vision 2020: A Timely Idea

Pick up a newspaper, turn on the news, and listen to the radio. It won’t be long before you hear about our struggling economy. The talk may begin with Wall Street or the banking industry, but the floundering construction industry eventually will be included in the report.…

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Boston’s Liberty Hotel

Balancing preservation with modern functionality is not an easy job for any restoration project, but when converting a 19th century prison into a 21st century, luxury hotel, the situation is unusual if not unprecedented. In 2002, a design and construction team led by Cambridge Seven Associates began a five-year process to restore the defunct Charles Street Jail in Boston.…

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The Teamwork Behind Green Design

When it comes to sustainable design, old is new again. While green building is touted as the most modern of trends, its integrated approach is similar to the classic tradition of a “master builder,” who was able to provide a design solution rich with multi-disciplinary expertise. …

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Award-Winning Hardscape Design

Since 1989, the Brick Industry Association’s Brick In Architecture Awards have been one of the country’s most prestigious design competitions featuring clay brick. This article focuses on several projects that won awards in the Paving & Landscape Architecture Design Category in 2008. …

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Designer-Led Design-Build

Design-Build is by far the fastest growing method of project delivery in the country. Its popularity is owner-driven, primarily because of shortened project delivery times and the single point of responsibility for project design and construction.…

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