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Designing for Exterior Continuous Insulation

The fact that we have to use insulation in our building enclosures is not new to the building professions. Codes and standards have been prescribing specific R-Value and U-Value requirements for the last few decades as a means to increase energy efficiency and to improve overall building performance.…

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Museum at Prairiefire

The official city slogan for Overland Park, Kan., is “Above And Beyond. By Design.” A quick review of the area’s recreational facilities, entertainment complexes, museums, and other architectural gems, and one realizes that Overland Park’s planners, architects, and engineers take this slogan seriously.…

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Natural Stone Masonry 101

Stone. The term doesn’t have the same meaning it did 50 years ago. There was a time when someone would say “I’d like to put stone on my project” and everyone had a pretty good idea what they were considering. That was then. The legitimacy of the word has completely turned upside down.…

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Brick: An Old Way to a Better Tomorrow

Since early mankind moved out of caves and into communities, brick was a desired construction material. With readily available raw materials, a simple manufacturing process, and durable and sustainable results, brick’s continued prominence is easy to understand.…

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Masonry Flashing

Flashings remain a critical component of any cavity wall system, diverting moisture outward as it collects in the cavity space to the exterior of the façade through the weep openings. A failure in this arrangement can ultimately lead to degradation of wall components, including mortar, lintels, non-stainless anchors, and fasteners, as well as a reduction of R-Value in certain types of insulation.…

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Masonry Cleaning

Who accepts responsibility when your employees don’t know what they’re doing? You’re smart, you work hard, and you’ve already realized that employee training takes both time and money. You’ve identified your problem; your issue becomes, what to do about it!…

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