Restoration and rehab, software, and reinforcement technologies are but a few of the areas where breakthroughs occur regularly and can impact your jobs significantly. Look to Masonry Design for information on the latest advances.

What Is A Rainscreen Wall?

As wall systems evolve, masonry contractors are increasingly being asked to install rainscreen wall systems. Masonry cavity walls and rainscreen walls share many of the same time-proven design principals that control water and prevent water damage, including a weather-resistant façade and a cavity between the façade and substrate, but there are a few key differences between them.…

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Winter is Coming

Fall and winter are right around the corner. With the changing season comes freeze and thaw cycles, falling pine needles and leaves, organic growth, and harsh weather conditions that can wreak havoc on a structure’s exterior if it is not maintained properly. Conducting an annual fall building inspection will help to identify potential maintenance issues before they become problematic and lead to costly repairs.…

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BIM-M: A Work in Progress

It has been two years since the idea of Building Information Modeling – Masonry (BIM-M) was conceived, and what it means is still evolving. For many, BIM is 3D modeling taken to the extreme. For others, BIM is a process of designing, constructing and maintaining buildings that is all about information transfer and risk management. BIM-M is all of these applied to masonry buildings.…

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Moisture Control Technology

Moisture is a simple word that can strike fear into the hearts of installers, general contractors and building owners. When those in the construction and masonry industry think about moisture…

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Designs for Healthy Building Envelopes

Taking a page directly from the “How to Effectively Combine Aesthetics and Function” manual, some innovative, new masonry products have successfully addressed industry concerns about moisture damage with traditional siding products. A few of these concrete products blend the classic and elegant craftsmanship of European design with patented technology to make a product that not only looks great, but also is environmentally conscious.…

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Air Barriers: Impermeable or Permeable?

Air infiltration of buildings causes significant heating/cooling energy loss and permits moisture and condensation to collect in the walls. This interstitial condensation creates significant problems for buildings and occupants alike, including poor air quality, mold and mildew, and even structural damage.…

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The First Line of Defense for Masonry Buildings

There are certain things in life that one may count on. The sun will rise in the east and set in the west; winter follows summer; and you will be required to pay taxes. We can add one more certainty to the list: Buildings will leak.…

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Make Your Project Successful With Masonry

Masonry is one of the oldest and most sought after building materials for new building construction. It can serve as both finish and structure, and is therefore extremely versatile in adding both beauty and strength to a project. For some owners, the use of masonry often is limited in projects because of concerns regarding cost, scheduling, quality assurance monitoring and performance.…

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