Cind-R-Lite Brings a Sustainable Masonry Alternative to Las Vegas

Nevada’s first established masonry manufacturer partners with CarbonCure.

Cind-R-Lite Block Company is taking a leadership role in bringing innovative technologies to the Las Vegas building market by partnering with CarbonCure. As Nevada’s first established masonry manufacturer, Cind-R-Lite is now heading in a new direction by using recycled carbon dioxide as an ingredient to make greener concrete products.

“Cind-R-Lite has been a family business for over 60 years,” said Tom Allen, president of Cind-R-Lite. “I am the third generation – we have always looked forward and moved forward with innovative technologies, and now with CarbonCure we move forward again.”

The manufacturer seeks to be a leader in innovation and looks forward to supplying a variety of its products with CarbonCure to the Las Vegas and Southern California market, including its precision, split face, ground face and shot blast block.

Las Vegas has been working hard in the last decade to establish itself as a model of sustainability. The strip is making the switch to being green, with many hotels and casinos taking initiative to develop sustainable best practices. In 2005, the Nevada state legislature made it appealing for developers to pursue green building, which helped the number of LEED projects in Nevada jump from 14 to 97 in the first two years.

Nevada is gearing up to start construction on 12 new schools, with the Clark County School District expecting the first seven to be open by 2017. With this boom in construction, Cind-R-Lite is now equipped to provide designers with greener masonry that makes use of captured carbon dioxide, the company says. “We are thrilled to bring specifiers something that is more environmentally responsible,” said Cory Climaldi, architectural representative at Cind-R-Lite. “This is a great opportunity for us to provide something unique and innovative in our market.”

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