Arriscraft delivers WOW factor for the University of Wyoming

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Arriscraft delivers WOW factor for the University of Wyoming

Beginning in 2008, University of Wyoming set out to build an extraordinary welcome center which embodied the UW brand. As the first point of contact, planners envisioned a ‘wow factor’ that would awe all students and visitors. Completed in late 2014, the Marian H. Rochelle Gateway Center delivers a stunning and consistent experience, from the fundamental architectural elements to the finest details woven throughout.

The state-of-the art Center successfully fuses the university’s time-honored brand qualities with a leading-edge technological infrastructure. Designed by Pappas & Pappas Architects and DLR Group, the center combines the traditional with the contemporary and provides a spectacularly visual venue, which incorporates welcome areas, offices, ballrooms, conference rooms, exhibits, and more.

Two vital requirements challenged the center’s designers:  incorporating the historical sandstone as the primary building element and utilizing the UW brand colors in a visual and lasting way. When the quarry used for nearly 100 years closed, a new natural stone supply was difficult to source. Fortunately, UW discovered that Arriscraft manufactures building stone which mimics natural sandstone in appearance and performance. Since 2003, Arriscraft has supplied a custom color blend as the signature sandstone for UW buildings.

Stone supplier, BrickStone Inc. and project leader Chet Lockard (of Project Guide Services) collaborated with UW to find not only a sandstone match, but also a palette that was a perfect representation of the UW brand. According to Mr. Lockard, “Only Arriscraft could dial in the color we needed. We wanted to create more excitement for the Gateway Center and they have a great range of standard colors, which also saved money on the project. The best thing about Arriscraft is that it’s no different than quarried stone, but it’s more [color] consistent.”

Toby Marlatt, VP of Marketing and Communications at UW, helped created a 4” module pattern using Renaissance® Masonry Units in Garnet, Suede and Café colors in a rocked finish (closely matching the pattern of existing buildings). The warm tan, red and brown tones combine to both brand the building and deliver the strong statement that the university was after.

The Renaissance® stone was continued throughout the interior of the Gateway Center, to maintain the rustic feel and provide the fundamental color palette for the interior design. In the interior atrium, ARRIS.stack thin stone covers the stunning 3-storey fireplace – a highly durable and impactful choice for this key visual feature.

Architect: Pappas & Pappas Architects and DLR Group
Interior Designers: R M Ruwart Design, Pear Workplace Solutions
General Contractor: Haselden Construction
Project Manager/Client Representative: Project Guide Services
Masonry Supplier: BrickStone Inc. (CO)