Convergent Science Building Remodel

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Convergent Science Building Remodel

This existing building required remodeling to give it a fresh look for the new owner, Convergent Science.

The re-design included ARRIS.stack thin stone for both interior and exterior walls, including
accent piers adhered to new 6-inch block walls. On the exterior, existing split-scored block was
first filled in, then the Laticrete® air and water barrier installed, followed by Laticrete®’s high bond mortar, and, finally,
ARRIS.stack thin stone applied. The largest wall was completed in 2 days and was so strong that when the Hydro-Mobile caught on one of the
ARRIS.stack clad piers, while descending, the stone did not break or rip off the wall, but actually stopped the Hydro-Mobile from going down. This event illustrates the extraordinary strength of the ARRIS.stack and Latricrete® system.

The masonry installation was mostly done in very cold weather inside of tents and required 6,000 sq. ft. of flats and 1,000
linear feet of corners.

Convergent Science Office Building, Middleton, Wisconsin

Dimension IV Architects, WI

Greiber Masonry

ARRIS.stack, Storm with Laticrete® MVIS (Masonry Veneer Installation System)

May 2014