University of Toledo, Snyder Hall

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University of Toledo, Snyder Hall

The Collaborative of Toledo, Ohio designed this modern transformation of the existing Snyder Hall at the University of Toledo, incorporating ARRIS.clip Renaissance® units as an instrumental part of the re-clad and re-use of the building. The existing building was built in the 1950’s and was originally slated for demolition; the building, while a central location on campus, didn’t tie into any of the other stone buildings that surrounded it. While re-cladding the building was a desirable option, existing structural limitations and budgets to re-clad with stone presented significant obstacles until Arriscraft’s ARRIS.clip was presented as an option.

The lighter material weight and lower total installed cost of ARRIS.clip presented a viable solution. The design schedule was accelerated and construction was to be completed in 90 days. By utilizing the existing frame, along with the speed of installation, this aggressive schedule could be met with ARRIS.clip.

The accompanying images show the building before, during and after renovation.

Project: University of Toledo, Snyder Hall, Toledo, OH
Architect: The Collaborative, Toledo, OH
Materials: Arriscraft ARRIS.clip Renaissance® Units, Oak Ridge, Smooth finish

  • May 21, 2014 6:54 pm
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