Greencore USA Super High Yield Mortar

Greencore USA Super High Yield Mortar

Greencore USA offers a full line of high-quality, high-yield and environmentally friendly cementitious building materials. All of the mortars, stuccos and grouts from Greencore USA, a QUIKRETE® company, are manufactured using a unique combination of slag cement and Portland cement to increase the environmental benefits on a project while improving productivity and reducing labor costs. Greencore USA Super High Yield Mortar is an ecologically friendly, high-performance blend of portland and slag cement, dried sand, and other proprietary ingredients. This mortar meets ASTM C270, C1714, and ICC requirements for masonry mortars when properly mixed in the field with water. Available as type S or M, Greencore USA Super High Yield Mortar can be used for non-load-bearing applications above or below grade in a variety of custom colors.

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