Jahn M70 Limestone/ Sandstone/Brownstone Repair Mortar

Winter 2013-2014

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Jahn M70 Limestone/Sandstone/Brownstone Repair Mortar


JAHN Masonry Repair Mortar

This single-component, cementitious, mineral-based mortar is designed for the restoration of natural stone such as limestone and sandstone. Jahn M70 is completely vapor permeable at any depth and contains no latex or acrylic bonding agents or additives. The material is available in a variety of compatible, laboratory-engineered formulations, which match the physical properties of the substrate being repaired. M70 provides a permanent, compatible solution, which repairs and protects the beauty of natural stone. The reliability is undeniable; after all, it has been used on our nation’s Capitol Building. (Only Certified Installers may purchase Jahn M70.)

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