January/February 2009: Table of Contents


The Unitized Flashing System
In masonry, the flashing job for exterior cavity walls would seem to cry out for systematization.
By Gregg Hodgson

Masonry Education Spotlight
Expand your knowledge of the design, use and maintenance of masonry through a number of professional development courses.
By Cory Sekine-Pettite

Boston’s Liberty Hotel
A 19th century jail becomes a 21st century model of preservation and restoration
By Cory Sekine-Pettite

Design for Safety
“Inherently safe” masonry products reduce injuries and increase profits
By David Carney, Robert Bevins and Patricia Carney

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    Flashings remain a critical component of any cavity wall system, diverting moisture outward as it collects in the cavity space to the exterior of the façade through the weep openings. A failure in this arrangement can ultimately lead to degradation of wall components, including mortar, lintels, non-stainless anchors, and fasteners,…
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    The ASTM International symposium Masonry 2014 will be held June 24 at the Sheraton Centre Toronto in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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    The University of Wisconsin-Madison is offering a professional development course in May 2014 titled "Masonry: Learn to Do It Right."
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    Sponsored content: Look around you. If you are in an urban or suburban environment, chances are that many of the buildings and other structures in your environment are built with masonry. From concrete block home foundations to elegant stone facades, from contemporary concrete veneers to classic brick buildings, the beauty,…
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    As masonry wall design continues to evolve into the 21st century, terms like air and vapor barriers, steel stud assemblies, rigid insulation, semi-rigid insulation, batt insulation, ventilation with weeps and vents, mortar collection devices, clear air space, and oversize masonry units are all employed to describe today's masonry wall. Add…
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