Second Edition of Masonry Basics Now Available

Second Edition of Masonry Basics Now AvailableRochelle C. Jaffe recently completed the second edition of the popular Masonry Basics, which is now available through The Masonry Society (TMS). This excellent primer, which serves as an introduction to masonry design and construction, is economically priced at just $35 ($26.25 for TMS Members). Masonry component materials, the ways in which they are assembled to form the masonry construction, and the weather-resistance and structural implications of the various types of masonry assemblies are described.

Highlights of quality assurance and quality control issues are addressed, and a few of the most common types of potential deficiencies in masonry construction are explained so they can be avoided. Finally, a glossary of masonry terms used in the text is provided.

Masonry Basics can serve as a beginning text for architects, engineers, contractors, building officials, inspectors, building owners, or anyone else who wants to learn the basics of this industry.

Visit to order a copy.

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