SPEC MIX® Set Delayed Mortar

SPEC MIX® Set Delayed Mortar


Longer board life, great workability and excellent bond! These are the primary advantages of SPEC MIX® Set Delayed Masonry Mortar. Masons working in hot-weather climates need a high-quality, specialized mortar to combat the negative effects associated with rapid evaporation of water from the mix, and SPEC MIX Set Delayed Mortar is the solution. Engineered to meet the requirements of ASTM C 270 and C 1384, Set Delayed Mortar is thoroughly pre-blended with dried masonry sand and proprietary admixtures that slow its initial set time in hot-weather conditions, resulting in increased water retention, longer board life and superior bond. In addition to custom mix designs that are available for specific project applications, SPEC MIX Set Delayed Mortar is available in custom colors or 25 standard colors, making it ideal for the installation of CMU, brick and stone unit masonry. MD

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