Structural Masonry Design Software Version 7.1

Structural Masonry Design Software Version 7.1Generate fully compliant structural designs of masonry elements in minutes using the latest software available from NCMA. Key features and new additions include:

  • Select code basis options ranging from the 2006 to the 2012 International Building Code; including appropriate references to the masonry design provisions of TMS 402 and corresponding loading criteria from ASCE 7.
  • Choose from either allowable stress design or strength design methodologies; each with options for reinforced (fully or partially grouted) or unreinforced masonry assemblies.
  • Design walls for in-plane (shear walls) and out-of-plane loads, columns, pilasters, and lintels including code-prescribed detailing requirements for seismic loading, lap splicing, shear reinforcement, stirrups, and more.
  • Multiple output options including code-referenced design calculations and axial load/moment capacity interaction diagrams.
  • Serviceability checks including deflections and second order P-delta effects.
  • Analyzes and checks for all code-prescribed load combinations based on user input or provides the option for the user to directly input design loads.

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