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Designing a World-Class University Commons

The University of Colorado Boulder’s Village Center By Dawn Henning Opened in early 2017, the University of Colorado Boulder’s 113,000-square-foot Village Center Dining and Community Commons was built to serve the nearly 3,000 students living at the university’s Williams Village. Located adjacent to the university’s central campus with stunning views of the Flatiron Mountains, the…

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Building a Community for a Booming Campus

At 216,000 square feet and spanning nearly an entire city block, the University of North Carolina at Greensboro’s (UNCG’s) Leonard J. Kaplan Center for Wellness more than doubles the size of the university’s previous recreation building. The facility was designed to provide indoor recreational space for a projected population of 24,000 students, along with faculty, staff and alumni.…

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Vernon S. Broyles Jr. Leadership Center

Completed in 2012, the Vernon S. Broyles Jr. Leadership Center in Decatur, Ga., is a serendipitous alignment of program, a compatible historic structure and creativity, have resulted in an environmentally sensitive building that is transforming the teaching and learning experience – along with the entire campus – at Columbia Theological Seminary.…

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Building Green Today For a Cost-Effective Tomorrow

For the past several years, the U. S. economy has seen a tremendous amount of growth in the adoption of sustainable practices. Organic and natural products now grace the isles of almost every grocery and department store. Consumer awareness has grown as more people try to purchase organic and locally grown produce. …

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Old College, New Brick

The University of Georgia’s (UGA) campus in Athens, Ga., is widely regarded as one of the most picturesque in the nation, with its tree-lined walkways; ample green space; and historic, diverse architecture. The best examples of this entire splendor can be seen in the area known as North Campus, which is the property where the university’s first buildings were constructed. The school, chartered in 1785, takes very good care of its grounds and infrastructure, always with an eye toward historic preservation and architectural significance. In fact, in 2006 the university celebrated the bicentennial of the opening of its first building, Old College, for which it had spent the previous two years renovating. This is the story of that renovation.…

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