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2017 Hardscape North America Award Winners Announced

9 November 2017 — Hardscape North America selected 16 hardscape projects to receive the 2017 HNA Awards for design and construction. In addition, 20 others received Honorable Mention recognition. The 2017 HNA Awards recognize residential and commercial walkways, patios, pool decks, outdoor kitchens, driveways, commercial plazas, streets and other applications built using concrete pavers, segmental retaining…

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Hardscaping and Landscape Architecture: Better Living Through Masonry

Everyone knows that Americans need to get outside and get active. Report after report shows that obesity and inactivity are making us sicker and shortening our lives. Despite all the studies and surveys, convincing us to shed our sedentary ways has proven to be a tough sell for health advocates. Masonry may be part of the solution, making the great outdoors a place where more of us want to be.…

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Lighting the Way to Added Value

Good companies are always looking for ways to add value for their customers. The best ones are able to grow their business while doing it. Bahler Brothers, a design-build firm in Connecticut, has discovered that outdoor lighting adds substantial value to their masonry projects. Combining masonry and lighting extends the hours their customers can enjoy their outdoor living area. This was the case with a recent Bahler Brothers installation in Massachusetts that won a 2016 Hardscape North America Project Award in one of the residential categories.…

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Paver Lighting: Unobtrusive Accent Illumination, Weather Resistance and Design Versatility

The front yard of a charming, craftsman-style home in central New Jersey, built in 1926, has a winding front walkway of interlocking pavers around a lighted koi pond with a natural stone waterfall. Connecting to a side driveway of interlocking concrete pavers the path leads to a rear deck and detached garage. Hardscape lighting was important to the long-time owners, a senior couple who sought needed demarcation for safety, in addition to desired visual aesthetics and curb appeal. The small footprint and understated, 2 -inch round design of Evening Star® paver lights provided both of these benefits in a low-voltage, accent lighting option for all paved areas around the home.…

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The Functionality of Pavers

Decades ago, in every small town in America, the local high school was the center of the community. You attended the school, graduated from there, and then sent your kids there. And, on Friday nights, the football team and the marching band drew you back once again, to build memories that would last a lifetime.…

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Alton Riverfront Amphitheater Project

While concert-goers enjoyed the inaugural Big Gig live music festival this past Fall, and many of them admired the beautiful new Alton Riverfront Amphitheater where the event was held, most of the music lovers weren’t aware of the balance and harmony of materials utilized in the creation of this magnificent outdoor venue located in scenic Alton, Ill.…

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Award-Winning Hardscape Design

Since 1989, the Brick Industry Association’s Brick In Architecture Awards have been one of the country’s most prestigious design competitions featuring clay brick. This article focuses on several projects that won awards in the Paving & Landscape Architecture Design Category in 2008. …

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