Winter 2013-14: Table of Contents

Lafayette College Arts Plaza


Winter 2013-14:

Table of Contents


Permeable Paver Makes The Grade
The University Of Minnesota Duluth revisits a paver project six years after AZEK Permeable Pavers were installed side-by-side with traditional concrete pavers.
By Carey Walley

The Functionality of Pavers
An award-winning project in Palmetto, Fla., transforms a former football field into a public park, complete with permeable pavers to minimize stormwater runoff.

Green Building
Product Benchmarking for Greener Buildings
Selecting masonry products requires consideration of a number of attributes – performance, aesthetics and cost, to name just a few. If you’re working on a greenbuilding, the list grows.
By Julie Rapoport

Project Spotlight
Lafayette College Arts Plaza in Easton, Pa.
Knitting repurposed historic dormitory with new construction creates cost-effective facility with LEED gold certification.
Edited by Cory Sekine-Pettite

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