Unlock Business Success: Listen to Your Customers

Words: Isa Stein

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In the dynamic landscape of manufacturing, customer satisfaction reigns supreme. Understanding this, successful businesses prioritize active listening to their clients. Harnessing customer feedback is not just a strategy; it's a lifeline. By attentively tuning into their needs, desires, and grievances, companies gain invaluable insights, fostering tailored solutions that elevate satisfaction levels.

From the beginning, the idea was not to build just another scaffold that did basically what all the others did. Trying to challenge older established companies in the marketplace, with the same concepts and products or just trying to outsell them, was not what the industry needed. It needed someone to LISTEN! That's right, listening to the people who knew the most about scaffolding. Listening to those who knew more about building and using scaffolding than anyone. Contractors, masons, tenders, and the people who set it up, are the real EXPERTS.

These EXPERTS suggested hundreds of things. We tried them all and many of these ideas we still implement today. The most Important were:


  • In the laborer’s area the loading platform needed to be wide enough for a full pallet of material, with the ability to put the guardrails back in place.
  • For Mason's stock. No matter what they were using, they needed more room to stock ahead.


  • A simpler and better cable system, one that would not tangle, knot or flatten.
  • Strength to safely and legally lift the loads required of daily commercial masonry use.


“I need something I can use on cut-up jobs."

  • Trying to fit all job site requirements, more than just a straight wall.
  • Fewer parts to do the everyday work.


Our founder once said, “A mason could destroy an anvil with a rubber hammer!” With this humorous thought, we set out with our engineers, to make our scaffold the STRONGEST and SAFEST in the industry! Simultaneously, having the most USABLE AND MASONRY FRIENDLY DESIGN in the industry.

Listening cultivates trust, forges lasting relationships, and fuels innovation. Engaging with customers builds loyalty, propels brand advocacy, and steers businesses towards growth. EZ Scaffold is committed to the
day-to-day improvement of our products and producing the best scaffold possible. Embrace the transformative power of listening - it's the compass guiding us towards sustained success, and helps make EZ, THE SMARTEST WAY TO THE TOP!

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