PROSOCO Restructure Focuses on New Hires

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PROSOCO has announced a series of changes and new hires in a comprehensive restructure focused primarily on personnel.

Strategic Partnerships

To better develop the potential of strategic alliances with major industry partners, 14-year PROSOCO veteran Brian Koenings will transition to a leadership role responsible for the company’s Strategic Partnerships that promote the sale of PROSOCO-branded products. Koenings will ensure that PROSOCO’s role in each alliance is properly represented through coordinated marketing, collaborative selling, contractor training and field support.

Demian Weaver joined PROSOCO with a prior work history well-suited to his new role advocating for Strategic Partnerships – Technology. Over the past 5 years, Weaver served PROSOCO as a territory manager in the Mid-Atlantic States. That experience earned him a deep understanding of PROSOCO technologies and the industries PROSOCO serves. These combined experiences will enable Weaver to capitalize on PROSOCO’s novel product formulations and production capabilities.

Brand Integrity

The corporate restructure includes a complete revamp of PROSOCO’s sales and traditional marketing departments. Kevin Sigourney has been promoted to the position of Vice President – Brand Integrity, where he will oversee all functions of sales and brand strategy (formerly known as marketing) departments. Sigourney devoted the first 10 years of his PROSOCO career managing its industry-leading Customer Care Department, and the last six years directing national activities for PROSOCO’s Concrete Flooring Group.

The new structure will allow future marketing efforts to focus first on the corporate brand, and secondarily on individual products or product lines.

The PROSOCO department previously known as marketing is officially operating under a new banner – Brand Strategy.

Nicole Lauderdale has been promoted to Brand Strategy Group Director, a role in which she will manage research strategy and oversee all branding projects.

John Young has been promoted to Creative Director. He will define and guide all creative strategy and design projects.

Darcy Boyle has been promoted to Media and Communications Director, a role in which she will manage all messaging strategies, media relations, email marketing and communications. In traditional print and rapidly evolving digital media, the importance of consistent, harmonized messaging strategies has never been greater.

Javier Aqui is PROSOCO’s newly hired Event Strategist. In this new position, Aqui coordinates PROSOCO’s trade show, networking and travel logistics.

Under Sigourney’s leadership, the Brand Strategy Group will soon double in size, with future hires in digital marketing and brand management planned for this quarter.

Technology and Innovation

Another new hire, Andrzej Rokicki, Ph.D., will serve PROSOCO as its Director of Technology and Innovation. Previously the Industry Liaison Director for the University of Kansas’s Center for Environmentally Beneficial Catalysis, Rokicki will manage entire product line life cycles from strategic planning to tactical activities; investigate new product technologies that align with PROSOCO’s goals and objectives; and identify market and regulatory trends that impact the industries PROSOCO serves. Rokicki brings a wealth of chemistry knowledge and experience to the newly created position. With a Ph.D. in chemistry from Warsaw (Poland) University of Technology and experience in several international research posts, Rokicki holds 33 patents; has authored more than 25 papers; is well-versed in inorganic, organic and organometallic chemistry; and is an expert in catalysis.

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