ASLA Unveils New Virtual Reality Video of Park in Dallas

Words: Bronzella Cleveland
Klyde Warren Park
ASLA has released a virtual reality video of Klyde Warren Park in Dallas that takes viewers on a vivid journey through this park built over a highway.

The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) has released a virtual reality (VR) video of Klyde Warren Park in Dallas. The video takes viewers on a vivid journey through this park built over a highway. It is narrated by landscape architect James Burnett, FASLA, president of OJB Landscape Architecture, which designed the park.

Created using GoPro Odyssey on Google Jump, this video demonstrates the latest VR cinematic technology. It takes viewers into the heart of the park to explore its unique design features.

The video was launched at the ASLA 2017 Annual Meeting and EXPO, October 21–22, and is available for free viewing on ASLA’s website.


ASLA selected the park as the video’s focus because it won the ASLA 2017 Professional Award of Excellence. Less than 1% of hundreds of award submissions receive this honor. The ASLA jury, made up of leaders in the field, described Klyde Warren Park this way: “It has totally re-energized the downtown core. People are moving in; it’s great for business; it’s open 24 hours a day.”

The award also highlights the park because it’s a prominent example of how to heal the damage made by transportation infrastructure to our downtowns. Capping highways, freeways, or wide avenues with green space closes the "gashes in our landscape," as Burnett explains in his narration, helping bring communities back together. More than 1 million people a year now visit the park, making it one of Dallas' most popular spaces.

Virtual reality has proven to be a powerful tool for showing how the places people love—like Klyde Warren Park—are designed experiences. The video effectively explains the incredible value of landscape architecture to the public and the ability of landscape architects to turn a detraction into a beloved community park.

Community groups and local advocates are invited to make use of this video for their own goals. Communities can come together to build the case for covering freeways and re-connecting to their neighbors and nature and then raise the funds to make it happen. As Burnett explains, the park was built with a combination of public and private funds and is now 100 percent maintained by a nonprofit.


Option 1: Watch a 360 Video on YouTube

If you are on your phone reading this page, simply click on this URL and watch it in your YouTube mobile app: (please note that this video will not work in your mobile browser)

Be sure to turn around while watching so you can see all angles of the park!

Or if you are on a desktop computer, go to using your Chrome browser. Use the sphere icon to navigate through the park.

Option 2: Watch a 3D 360 Video on Samsung Gear VR

If you own a Samsung Gear VR headset and compatible Samsung phone, go to Samsung Gear via the Oculus App and search for "Klyde Warren Park" or "ASLA" to find our video.

For more information, visit

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