Belgard® Launches Belgard Rooms Program, Delivering Templated Outdoor Design Plans

Words: Bronzella Cleveland

Leader in Outdoor Living and Design Closes the Design Gap in Outdoor Living with Latest Offering 

ATLANTA (March 24, 2021) – Belgard®, the leader in outdoor living essentials for the patio and beyond, announces Belgard Rooms, offering inspirational and templated outdoor living design plans for consumers and contractors alike. The interactive experience allows homeowners to effortlessly pair the style of their home with outdoor living amenities that match and complement the exterior of the home.  

Belgard Rooms is structured around how shape, color and texture work together to offer more options and make the design planning process easier. Designs are categorized by Belgard Collections – ranging from Heritage to Metropolitan – and home styles, along with other features, applications, regions and more. Homeowners are able to filter templates by these categories, making it easy to identify inspirational options that fit their home’s style and their personal design aesthetic.  

“This year, more than ever, we’ve seen homeowners shift their focus from having spaces to entertain to making their homes more functional,” says Joe Raboine, Director of Residential Hardscapes, Belgard. “With the increased time spent at home, outdoor spaces have become a haven for both recreation and relaxation, as well as a valuable asset when it’s time to resell. With Belgard Rooms, homeowners can create an outdoor oasis for themselves and their families, while keeping it within the same style as the remainder of the home.”  

Belgard Rooms is also a beneficial program for both contractors and homeowners from the perspective of timing and installation. Belgard Rooms offers contractors the option to offer homeowners a templated design that can be further customized to fit their needs and design style. This equates to time savings during the design and installation process, allowing homeowners to enjoy their outdoor space sooner.  

“In our 25 years of experience in the industry, we’ve seen incredible growth and adoption across the country with homeowners placing value on outdoor living,” says Julie Scott, Senior Brand manager, Belgard. “However, as these projects become more elaborate, we identified a need to close a design gap for both homeowners and contractors. Belgard Rooms delivers plans that can either serve as inspiration for a customized space or executed as-is, offering flexible options to create a functional and beautiful outdoor living area.”  

With Belgard Rooms, geometric patterns and modularity, along with simplistic designs and neutral color palettes, will allow contractors to offer homeowners a design that is both simple to achieve and customizable. Modular products will make up many of the offerings of Belgard Rooms, which provide an uncluttered aesthetic many homeowners desire and makes installation simpler for the contractor.   

Homeowners and contractors can access Belgard Rooms online, progressing through their own Belgard Rooms Planner or starting with inspiration from the Belgard Rooms Gallery. For more information about Belgard Rooms, visit  

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