Built for the Brave: Patriot Point In Maryland Offers a Rustic Retreat for Recovering Service Members, Their Families and Caregivers

Words: Sarah Lograsso

For those who have fought to defend liberty for the United States and other areas of the world, the residual battle scars are often both physical and psychological, and they last for a lifetime. But amongst grueling rehabilitation and therapy, these service members and their loved ones continue to fight for long-term health and wellness. In many cases, this pursuit includes seeking ongoing professional services and opportunities for off-the-grid relaxation and recuperation.

That's where Patriot Point comes in, a beacon of hope for military veterans, their families, and caregivers. Since opening its doors in 2016, this retreat center has welcomed thousands of guests, including over 500 veterans in 2023.

Eldorado Stone proudly stands among the partners and sponsors of Patriot Point, having contributed over 4,500 square feet of architectural stone veneer. The selected profile, Andante® Fieldledge®, graces various structures on the property, including the welcoming entry gate to the cozy guest accommodations, the Main House and outdoor kitchen area, the Welcome Center, six-bedroom Guest House and the recently constructed Barn that includes a caretaker’s residence and a state-of-the-art gym.

Site History
Patriot Point occupies a 290-acre site with history dating back to the 1600s, when it was owned by the iconic silent film actress Clara Bow, who used the location to covertly entertain the Rockefellers and other early twentieth century socialites during the Prohibition. In addition to its lodging and activities area, the site includes 2.3 miles of shoreline along Maryland’s Eastern Shore, fronting two pristine waterways and just a short distance from the Chesapeake Bay.

The original woodwork is still visible within some of the structures at Patriot Point, which were developed to serve as a hunter’s retreat. The Main House, for example, showcases its original wood beams and floors. As a result, the project team launched into renovations following property acquisition in 2016, aiming to emphasize the natural textures and history of the site throughout the product specification process.

Stone Specification
Patriot Point founders Steve Beck, Stuart Plank and the Taishoff Family Foundation envisioned the aesthetic of the site as “Charleston meets the Chesapeake” during its multi-stage renovation process. To achieve this aesthetic, they collaborated with their project team to restore some of the site’s rustic appeal by removing vinyl and aluminum siding from its various structures and tying them together with an artistic mix of board-and-batten siding with foundational stone.

When it came to product specification for the stone, Plank says the choice to explore a partnership with Eldorado Stone was an easy one. (His own home features another Eldorado Stone profile on its exterior). With Beck’s agreement and assistance from the Maryland Building Industry Association and its Home Builders Care Foundation, the project team connected with Regional Sales Leader Ryan Drawbaugh to find the perfect fieldstone texture and color palette.

The team selected Andante Fieldledge manufactured stone veneer for its old-world quality and artistically rustic look. The color palette blends cool grey and sepia tones with subtle khaki-greens, chestnut browns and raw umber. Initially installed on the Barn, Welcome Center and Guest House, Andante Fieldledge has since been applied to the site’s other structures, including an outdoor kitchen space (the building blocks of which were also supplied by Eldorado Stone), the Main House and, most recently, the brand-new entrance gate.

A Uniquely Therapeutic Retreat
Since opening to guests in late 2016, Patriot Point has undergone several additional renovations to ensure that its facilities are fully handicap accessible, including widened doorways and the addition of handicap-accessible lifts and showers in the Guest House. In addition, Baltimore-based Under Armour donated a state-of-the-art Freedom Fitness Center that doubles as a theater space for family movie nights.

What began as a rest and relaxation haven has quickly transformed into a collaborative hub for therapeutic activities and services, such as PTSD support to marriage counseling and yoga sessions. Thanks to an array of nonprofit partners, the Patriot Point caretaker and a team of volunteers are free to run activities such as kayaking, paddle boarding, boating, fishing, crabbing, a 3-D archery course, skeet shooting, and seasonal waterfowl and sika deer hunting.

Gripped to Keep Giving
Bob Basarab, Business Development Manager at Belair Road Supply and a dedicated distributor of Eldorado Stone products, has found a profound connection with the mission of Patriot Point. Coming from a family with a strong military background, Basarab felt an immediate draw during his first visit and has since returned numerous times to serve as a host for veterans and their families.

Reflecting on his experiences, Basarab expresses the challenge of putting into words the profound impact of spending time with these veterans. He describes how each encounter is a learning opportunity, leaving a lasting impression. What's more, the friendships forged at Patriot Point endure long after the weekend ends.

Basarab says that he and many other volunteer hosts and team members are just as eager to return to the retreat center as the veterans they serve.

About Patriot Point
Situated on 290 acres of Maryland’s Eastern Shore, Patriot Point provides a relaxing and safe environment for wounded, ill and injured United States military veterans and their families to reconnect with one another, decompress after deployment, or just take time to rejuvenate while enjoying a variety of outdoor recreational activities. To learn more about Patriot Point or provide a donation, visit PatriotPoint.org.

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