New BIM-Related Technologies Now Available

Words: Bronzella Cleveland

MayJune 2008
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New BIM-Related Technologies
Now Available

As Masonry Design first reported in the January/February issue, the AEC industry continues to adopt the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) for project delivery. To keep pace with the demand for BIM services and software, more and more companies are improving their existing products/services and/or introducing new ones. (See the New Products section on page 38.)

For example, in May, two new products were introduced to make BIM more accessible and useful to the AEC industry: Reed Construction Data launched SmartBIM, a new software solution for Autodesk Revit users, and RCMS Group began a new service called iBIM (integrated Building Information Modeling).

Reed Construction Data says that through SmartBIM it seeks to enhance the Autodesk Revit user experience, while providing high-quality, parametric BIM objects and improved ability to value a project. “We are taking 3-D design to the next level by combining high-quality objects and powerful software tools with RSMeans Cost Data,” said the company’s CEO, Iain Melville. “The movement into 3-D design has led to a number of advancements, including greater design and change-order flexibility, enhanced project delivery through better collaboration, and more cost-efficient and safer designs. SmartBIM addresses the challenges and opportunities that this new technology presents.”

Similarly, the RCMS Group, a leading services provider for BIM and other digital data services for the construction industry, started its iBIM services to expedite mass adoption of BIM, particularly for those firms not equipped technologically to handle the requirements of such delivery services. RCMS handles the “heavy lifting” of the software and hardware (for a fee, of course), users need only download a free viewer (iBIM Review) to view completed files.

“The vision of iBIM is to provide the productivity and benefits of BIM to building projects of all sizes and types at a fraction of the cost,” said President and CEO K.P. Reddy. iBIM Review will allow our clients to utilize BIM technology on every project and share their deliverables, while still protecting their intellectual property.”

For more information on SmartBIM, visit, and to learn more about iBIM, visit MD

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