Military Facilities Reap Huge Benefits From Using LEED, Says Independent Study

Words: Bronzella Cleveland

The Department of Defense has released the findings of an independent report on energy efficiency and sustainability standards used by the Pentagon for military construction. The report affirmed the value of LEED-certified, high-performing buildings to America's military and U.S. taxpayers.

"LEED has played a significant role in reducing energy and water bills in public sector buildings across the country, saving taxpayers money and contributing to the nation's security," said Roger Platt, senior VP of Global Policy and Law, U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). "This important, new, independent study from the National Research Council concludes that the LEED green building certification program should continue to be used in Defense Department buildings to advance energy efficiency in construction and reduce operational costs.

"Using LEED at Pentagon installations is a win-win proposition for the country and for the military personnel these buildings serve," Platt continued. "While the study looked only at energy efficiency, LEED is a proven tool for also saving water, reducing waste and improving indoor environmental quality, benefitting the health and well being of building occupants, and certainly our military personnel deserve no less."

The full report can found online here. For more information on LEED-Certified buildings in the public sector, visit the USGBC’s website.

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