Lehrer, LLC. Appoints Norbert Young As Executive Vice President To Head Up Construction Technology Practice

Words: Bronzella Cleveland

Lehrer, LLC., a New-York based construction services consulting company, has announced the appointment of Norbert W. Young, FAIA. as executive vice president. Young brings to the firm his combined life-long experience as an architect, construction industry publisher, and construction manager with an expertise in guiding clients in the leveraging of virtual design and construction (VDC) applications and processes.

"The mission of Lehrer, LLC. is to bring to the building process talented staff who can identify imaginative solutions, while staying sensitive to both time and cost constraints. The building process is highly complex, but having the right people like Norbert Young, who understand the need to utilize technology to reach beyond conventional practice, will best serve the goals of our clients," says Peter Lehrer, Lehrer, LLC., founder and CEO. "His expertise in the U.S. and global design and construction industry during a 40-year period is invaluable in guiding clients forward in the leveraging of virtual design and construction applications and processes and transforming the way we build."

Currently, Lehrer, LLC. is focused on virtual design and construction to increase productivity and performance for its clients, including Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. The firm also has provided construction consulting services to the Whitney Museum, Jet Blue, Vornado Realty Trust, and numerous high-end residential projects in New York City.

"We are bringing the construction industry in line with other industries relying on VDC, such as manufacturing and industrial engineering, to demonstrate how the use of this technology and an integrated project management platform can result in strong collaboration among team members, more transparent sharing of information, and fundamentally much greater efficiency and productivity," said Young.

Prior to joining Lehrer, LLC., Young was head of his own consulting services company, providing growth-oriented clients with services of strategic planning, business development and business transformation. He was a senior vice president of STV Incorporated, the 100-year-old architectural engineering and construction services firm. Young was president of McGraw-Hill Construction, publisher of Dodge, Sweets, Architectural Record, and Engineering News-Record. In 1994, he was president of Bovis Management Systems, which was established to serve the construction and project management needs for private and public sector clients on a national and global basis spanning over 17 countries.

Young began his career as an architect, is a Fellow in The American Institute of Architects, and holds professional affiliations in the Urban Land Institute, the Construction Specification Institute and the Associated General Contractors of America Private Industry Advisory Board. In addition, he has served for nine years as a trustee of the National Building Museum and was chairman of the Board of Regents of the American Architectural Foundation.

Lehrer, LLC is a planning, program (project) management and construction consulting services business. The firm is headed by Peter M. Lehrer, a highly respected leader in the worldwide construction industry with an outstanding track record spanning more than 35 years.

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