Firestone Building Products Launches Enverge Cavity Wall Products

Words: Bronzella Cleveland

Firestone Building Products Company, LLC, has introduced a new line of Enverge™ Cavity Wall Products. The portfolio includes: continuous insulation (CI) exterior wall insulation (available in two facer options: coated fiberglass mat facer and aluminum foil facer), air & vapor barrier, and thru-wall flashing. These individual products work together to improve thermal performance and prevent thermal bridging in commercial buildings, the company says.

"At Firestone Building Products we are focused on innovating products that lend to superior building performance. The launch of the Enverge line highlights the importance of the compatibility of products used in building envelope design in order to reach peak energy efficiency," said Chris Tobias, cavity wall business development manager at Firestone Building Products. "This line, combined with our compatibility warranty, guarantees the integrity of the assembly of materials will not be compromised while in contact with one another.

"The Enverge portfolio benefits everyone from the architect to the contractor to the owner. From flexible building envelope design to installation ease, dimensional stability to significant energy savings, this system works harder to help a building achieve peak performance," concluded Tobias.

For more information, visit the Firestone Building Products website.

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