AIA Launches Online Contract Document Service With ACD5

Words: Bronzella Cleveland

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has launched ACD5, a new online contract document service that offers anytime, anywhere access to more than 180 AIA Contract Documents forms and agreements. The organization says ACD5 enables users to create, access, edit, share and store contract documents instantly, delivering exceptional accessibility and flexibility. The new platform also offers upgraded document management features and more custom purchase options.

"As the evolution of the current AIA Contract Documents software platform, ACD5 is absolutely transformational for busy professionals who need instant access to their contracts," said Deborah DeBernard, AIA, NCARB, Architect AIBC, LEED BD&C, vice president & general manager of AIA Contract Documents. "With their contract documents always at their fingertips, ACD5 enables architects, contractors, building owners and attorneys to be more flexible, efficient and profitable."

In addition to online access to contract documents, ACD5 offers several new and improved features, including:

  • Mac and PC Compatibility: Unlike the software, ACD5 works within a web browser and is compatible with both platforms. 
  • Simplified Document Collaboration: Users can actively manage the review process by sharing documents, limiting review time, determining who can provide edits and comments, and more. 
  • Online/Offline Editing: Documents can be downloaded for work offline and then uploaded for finalizing, allowing for the flexibility to work without internet access. 
  • Enhanced Security and Protection: ACD5's increased document access is complemented by state-of-the-art security, including data encryption technology, uninterrupted and secure document access, and world-class data protection. 
  • New Document Management Tools: Several new tools make document management easier and simpler, including:

  • "Help Me Select an AIA Template" Tool: Helps users select the right contract or form before making a purchase

• Side-by-Side Comparison: Allows users to compare key features of up to three documents at a glance

• Clause Library: Stores commonly used legal clauses for insertion in future documents

• Template Library: Houses more than 180 AIA Contract Documents forms and agreements

• Administrator Account: With any Multi-User product, users can add one administrative user account that can enroll additional users, manage project security, publish global clauses and templates, and more

The contract documents and forms within ACD5 maintain the comprehensive protection for which AIA Contract Documents is renowned, delivering complete risk management and legal protection throughout every phase of design and construction, AIA says.

Purchase options for ACD5 include the traditional single- and multi-user subscriptions, as well as new document bundles for architects and contractors. These bundles provide unrestricted access to 10-20 fully editable documents that are the most frequently used for each discipline. Additionally, a new AIA Documents-on-Demand® Plus option allows access to the same editing capabilities as the full online subscription, but for only one document at a time, letting users purchase only the documents they need.

ACD5 is available now to new and existing users. Visit to learn more or for contract documents educational tools and resources.

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