From the Editor: Ten Years And Counting

Words: Bronzella Cleveland

Cory Sekine-Pettite, editor of Masonry Desing magazineCory Sekine-Pettite, editor

Ten years ago when I joined Lionheart Publishing (to spearhead a couple of other publications), I began almost immediately working with my publisher and colleagues on the creation of Masonry Design. As a group, we already had extensive experience in B2B publishing for the design and construction industries, and we saw a void in the marketplace. We worked for about one year on polishing the concept for the focus of this magazine, gauging industry interest and seeking out editorial contributors and advisors, and developing a circulation list.

I’ll never forget toiling over the editing and production of the debut issue because I was visiting my in-laws in Tokyo at the time. Talk about putting in odd work hours! But in the end, it all worked out and the first issue of this magazine was published in winter 2008 as the Jan/Feb issue. Perhaps some of you still have your copy! If you do, please let me know; I would love to speak with you about the industry and your thoughts on our publication. And I’d also like to thank you personally for making us part of your library.

January-February 2008 Masonry Design

I’m just as proud of that debut issue as I am of this issue—our return to print after several years as a digital-only magazine. In fact, to commemorate this occasion, we are reprinting our cover feature from our debut. That article, “Bonded By Brick,” appears here beginning on page 16, and profiles a Legat Architects project for the University Center of Lake County in Illinois. I think you’ll find the project both interesting and edifying; it’s a beautiful structure. I would like to once again thank Douglas J. Ogurek, LEED AP for sharing that article in 2008 and for his continued support of Masonry Design over the years.

Ten years has flown by, and Masonry Design has seen its ups and downs just as the industry we cover has seen both bright and gloomy days. Of course, we persevere. We survive. Looking to the future, I see nothing but blue skies.

Highlights coming in March/April ‘17

  • Specifying & Designing Masonry Flashing
  • Advances in Brick, Block, & Stone
  • Healthcare Facility Design

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