Authentic Cobblestones From European Streets

Words: Bronzella Cleveland

Authentic Cobblestones From European Streets

Historic European Cobblestone® is authentic, 100- to 400-year-old reclaimed granite or sandstone cobblestone for driveways, walkways, patios and more. This is an exceptional collection of cobble and curb, originally quarried, hand trimmed and installed in village and city streets in Europe. The top surface is naturally weathered and worn after centuries of exposure to climate, foot traffic, horses and carriages. We offer reclaimed cobble in six different sizes and have the ability to slice the cobbles for concrete base installations. Historic Sidewalk Cobble® is a special reclaimed cobblestone originally used only in pedestrian areas. Historic Sidewalk Cobble has not been exposed to the dirt, oil, and eventual asphalt that covered many cobblestone streets. The tops are very flat and the patina is unmistakably genuine. Color range: warm grays and earth tones. Size: 5- to 6-inch squares x 2–4 inches high.

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