General Shale Introduces Impressionist Brick Series

Words: Bronzella Cleveland
General Shale Introduces Impressionist Brick Series

General Shale, a North American brick, stone and concrete block manufacturer, has launched its new Impressionist Brick Series, which provides architects with longer, thinner brick units for unique and sophisticated design options in both commercial and residential projects.

Offered in brown, gray and red tones with two distinct textures, the Impressionist Brick Series is defined by exaggerated unit lengths and shallow face heights. With demand for elongated bricks continuing to grow, this new product line enables architects to bring a fresh dimension to their projects by emphasizing the linearity of a building’s façade, resulting in a dramatic visual presentation.

Whether incorporating the brick with matching mortar for a monolithic effect, using contrasting mortar for visual interest, or mixing brick sizes to achieve a multi-layered pattern, Impressionist’s wider profiles offer more opportunities for architectural designers who seek to establish a distinctively modern look, while retaining all the benefits of masonry walls.

Along with bringing timeless appeal to new residential and commercial builds, the Impressionist Brick Series may also be coordinated with older, historic brickwork to impart a more contemporary aspect to a project, allowing a renovation to successfully bridge the gap between traditional and modern design.

The Impressionist Brick Series is available in Andover, Rothwell and Wexford Fog in a wire-cut texture, and Bedford Brown, Keswick and Manchester in a smooth finish.
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