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The Mason Contractors Association of America (MCAA) is the national trade association representing mason contractors. The MCAA is committed to preserving and promoting the masonry industry by providing continuing education, a...

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Sponsored: WeepVent

From the Editor: Acronyms: What PM Means to Me

Acronyms are ever-present in our daily lives. Readers of this magazine will be familiar with OSHA, EPA, and associations like ABAA, USGBC and AIA, to name only a few. Having just taken the helm as editor of Masonry Design and this being my first issue, I

Industry Outlook: A Rising Trend in Efficiency and Profitability

To be average is acceptable, but not optimal. A great way to improve profitability is to have a strong understanding of your firm’s financial metrics and accounting activities. This information isn’t only for executive-level leaders, either. Engineers at

Urbahn Architects Complete Renovation of Historic Morgan Avenue Subway Station

The New York City architectural and planning firm of Urbahn Architects has completed the renovation of the historic Morgan Avenue subway station house for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA). Serving the L train line, the Morgan Avenue statio

Dodge Data & Analytics and Dexter + Chaney Partner to Streamline Document and Bid Management Workflows

Dodge Data & Analytics and Dexter + Chaney, a leading provider of construction management software, announced that they will promote and provide Dodge PlanRoom 2017 to Dexter + Chaney subscribers. Dodge PlanRoom 2017 is a simple, secure service for contr

Imaging Laser Scanning With Push-Button Operation, Mobile App

Leica Geosystems has created the smallest and easiest to use imaging laser scanner in the world: the BLK360. At the same time, Autodesk has created the ReCap Pro mobile app.

Masonry Anchors Live/Work/Play Environments

Our buildings reflect our society, and as technology and other trends blur the traditional lines between work and home, the spaces where we live, work and play mirror these changes. Masonry often performs a big role in these multi-use facilities, creatin

Achieving Authentic, Traditional Design for a Technology Campus of the Future

Long established as one of the nation’s top banking centers, Charlotte, N.C., is also one of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S. One of the drivers for Charlotte’s robust growth is the city’s attractiveness to businesses looking to relocate or expand

The Future of Interior Design: Virtual Showrooms and Augmented Catalogs

Interior design is in the process of being completely revamped as new technologies enter the playing field.1 By looking toward the future, particularly the nascent technologies of virtual, augmented and mixed reality, interior designers are finding new w

Vectorworks: BIM Software for Masonry Design

Because of the iterative nature of design, most designers use several software applications for the different design phases of a project. This can be both frustrating and a waste of precious time and resources.

BIM in the Cloud: Modelo Enhances BIM Processes

Building Information Modeling (BIM) has been around for a while, but has recently been getting a lot of attention in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry. The question is, why should AEC firms adopt BIM into their workflow? By in

The Next Generation of Sefaira Architecture

Sefaira has launched a major upgrade to Sefaira Architecture, cloud-based software that enables project teams to design high-performance buildings by helping them understand their energy use, environmental impact and occupant experience.

Construction OS Connects People, Applications and Devices

Construction OS Connects People, Applications and Devices

Verity: Find Mistakes Before They Become Expensive Problems

Verity™ can dramatically reduce the financial impact that results from fixing poorly constructed, out-of-tolerance work.

Raken: Professional Daily Reports From Mobile Devices

For daily reporting and compliance management on the jobsite, Raken has been named the #1 Daily Reporting Software App and Top 5 Mobile App for Construction at AGC National.

Bluebeam Revu 2017: New Features and Enhancements

Using an open source format, Revu enables a common data environment that maintains data integrity, improves project communication and streamlines processes.

Estimation: The Masonry Industry is Growing. Are You Prepared to Grow With It?

Editor’s note: This is the second in a series of articles on construction financing that Masonry Design has planned with CreditSuppliers. Look for part three in a future issue.

Fall/Winter 2016: Table of Contents

Features: • Saving A Building And A Forgotten Work Of Art • Express Beauty And Interest With Natural Stone • Onsite Masonry Production from Diverted Excavation • Iredale Mineral Cosmetics International Headquarters

Age-Old Tuck-Pointing Technique Restores New Glory

With building restoration projects, you have few or no options other than to use existing materials to replicate an old building back to its former glory. But that is not always easy to do. Some buildings have major problems, from correcting structural i

Cintec Technology Aids in Restoration of Award-Winning 12th Century Castle

Cintec International, a leader in the field of structural masonry retrofit strengthening, repair, and preservation, reports that its patented anchors were used in the restoration of Astley Castle in Warwickshire, England. Following its renovations, Astle

Summer 2016: Table of Contents

More and more communities are adopting the mixed material veneer look. Manufactured stone veneers add speed and economy to the building process, but also can dress up buildings more effectively than painted block with little effort. Features • What I

Fall/Winter 2016: From the Editor

For most working Americans, free time is a precious commodity these days. I would wager that most of you don’t know a single soul who works a “standard” 9-to-5 and then spends the weekends doing whatever he or she pleases, never checking their smartphone

Estimation: From Roof to Foundation

Severe weather can cause extensive damage to a structure’s roof, foundation, interior and more if not properly waterproofed.


This past summer, Black Diamond Coatings introduced a new line of sealer products called AQUA-XTM.

Paving Sand/Mortar

SPEC MIX® Setting Bed Mortar is specifically engineered as a thick, solid mortar bed for constructing horizontal surfaces with natural and manufactured paving units.


Admixtures play a vital role in the appearance, consistency, durability and performance of concrete and other building materials. There are a myriad of products on the market to aid in coloring, water use, weight, strengthening, and more.


Since the mortar joint makes up about 20 percent of a brick structure’s surface area, coloring the mortar enhances the building’s appearance. Solomon Colors’ Mortar Colors are available in unique, pre-weighed and pre-measured amounts to assure accurate c

Iredale Mineral Cosmetics International Headquarters

Our firm, Croxton Collaborative Architects (CCA), a founder of the modern sustainability movement, recently completed the 21,000-square-foot international headquarters for Iredale Mineral Cosmetics (IMC)—manufacturers of jane iredale—in Great Barrington,

Onsite Masonry Production from Diverted Excavation

Watershed Materials is teaming up with Westlake Urban and Alpha Group to explore a solution to a problem that real estate developers often face—excavation that has to be moved off a construction site to make way for new buildings. Rather than haul off th

Express Beauty And Interest With Natural Stone

Natural stone can add unique texture and elegance to a room, building, or outdoor space that can’t be achieved with other materials. Incorporating natural stone into interior or exterior settings can give both residential and commercial spaces a little s

Saving A Building And A Forgotten Work Of Art

The Italian Hall Building that serves as the Italian American Museum of Los Angeles was constructed between 1907-1908. The ground floor of the two-story unreinforced brick masonry building, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, was

Structural Masonry Design Software Version 7.1

Generate fully compliant structural designs of masonry elements in minutes using the latest software available from NCMA.

Vectorworks 2016

The latest release from Vectorworks includes more than 100 updates and features for its award-winning CAD and BIM design solutions, including Vectorworks Designer, Architect, Landmark, Spotlight, Fundamentals, and Renderworks.


GRAPHISOFT, a leader in Building Information Modeling (BIM) solutions for architects, has started shipping ARCHICAD 20. Information is the most valuable part of BIM and ARCHICAD 20 helps designers to bring out the most of it, the developer says.

B2W Software

B2W Software, a leading provider of heavy civil construction management software, has expanded its platform for estimating and operations with a new application for capturing data and turning it into actionable intelligence.

Airflow And Drainage In Your Exterior Walls

Located in Austin, Texas, this complex offers luxury one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments. Each of the 13 unique floor plans feature hardwood or stained concrete flooring, granite or quartz countertops, stainless steel appliances, spacious walk-in clos

Selecting Manufactured Stone Veneers For Any Application

For light commercial building such as hospitals, retail buildings and senior living facilities, manufactured stone veneers are offering cost-savings, speed of installation and great looks. Rather than having a painted block building, communities are dema

New Masonry Design Tools And New Opportunities

Leaders from every facet of the masonry industry have been working together over the past few years to incorporate a better selection of masonry materials and systems into BIM software.

Understanding Interdependencies is The Key To Resilience

A perfect storm of risks threatens even the simplest of resiliency goals. There are key dangers to pay attention to while evaluating the relevance of context, contracting, and people as critical factors to achieve goals.

What Is A Rainscreen Wall?

As wall systems evolve, masonry contractors are increasingly being asked to install rainscreen wall systems. Masonry cavity walls and rainscreen walls share many of the same time-proven design principals that control water and prevent water damage, inclu

Summer 2016: From the Editor

Recently, I have been reacquainting myself with a TV series I loved as a teenager—Star Trek: The Next Generation. While watching an episode one evening, it occurred to me that there is at least one lesson we can take from the series (as well as the origi

Spring 2016: Table of Contents

• New York Hospital Queens Astoria Primary Care Clinic
• Faith In Masonry

New York Hospital Queens Astoria Primary Care Clinic

The design of most hospitals and other healthcare facilities often can look and feel cold or uninspired, but they don’t have to be. Amore inviting design can lead to a clinic that becomes part of a community rather than derided. Let’s face it: No one wan

Faith In Masonry

The most visible landmark in the town of Shrewsbury, Mo., is the distinctive brick bell tower of the Kenrick-Glennon Seminary. A glimpse of it hints at the beauty of the masonry buildings on the Seminary campus. These structures look like they were tr

Echelon Masonry

Kensley Stone Thin Veneer

Acme thinBRIK

Pine Hall Brick

Climate Efforts To Impact Built Environment

Much attention has been given, and rightly so, to the recently completed negotiations in Paris that resulted in the unprecedented Paris agreement to combat climate change. This agreement, coupled with the Clean Power Plan recently proposed by the EPA

Designing for Exterior Continuous Insulation

The fact that we have to use insulation in our building enclosures is not new to the building professions. Codes and standards have been prescribing specific R-Value and U-Value requirements for the last few decades as a means to increase energy effic

A Fresh Equation for Campus Dining

Today’s college and university dining halls are far from the banal cafeterias of yesteryear, serving bland and unhealthy food on plastic trays in windowless spaces. Just as schools compete to attract students by providing the best academic offerings,

Building Stone Mortar

Whether the specification calls for so

Water Repellent Mortar

Amerimix Water Repellent Mortar with RainBloc GP is part of the total RainBloc system. When used with concrete masonry units that contain RainB

Culminal, Culminal Plus, and Combizell cellulose ethers

Thin-bed mortar is becoming a widely used, multi-functional approach to tiling, providing

Winter 2015-2016: Table of Contents

• Climate Efforts To Impact Built Environment
• Designing for Exterior Continuous Insulation
• A Fresh Equation for Campus Dining

Buzzworthy Design

There’s a new architectural gem in Lexington, Ky., that is getting national attention. The Apiary is a catering company and 15,500-square-foot event space on Jefferson Street in the so-called “Horse Capital of the World’s” emerging restaurant district

Summer 2015: From the Editor

Recently, I took advantage of the July 4th holiday weekend to visit my alma mater, the University of Georgia (UGA) in Athens, Ga. I cannot remember how long it had been for me between visits, but I know it had been too long. I knew there would be m

Museum at Prairiefire

The official city slogan for Overland Park, Kan., is “Above And Beyond. By Design.” A quick review of the area’s recreational facilities, entertainment complexes, museums, and other architectural gems, and one realizes that Overland Park’s planners, a

Winter is Coming

Fall and winter are right around the corner. With the changing season comes freeze and thaw cycles, falling pine needles and leaves, organic growth, and harsh weather conditions that can wreak havoc on a structure’s exterior if it is not maintained pr

BIM for Masonry Releases New Roadmap

By all accounts, the BIM for Masonry (BIM-M) Initiative is moving at an ever-increasing pace. In April 2015, the first BIM-M Symposium brought together architects, structural engineers, manufacturers, suppliers, software vendors, construction managers

Rijksarchief in Bruges

In the center of Bruges, among the medieval churches, old-world homes, and Brick Gothic structures, sits a modern, new building that wouldn’t look out of place in any major European or American metropolis. Yet this building – known as the Rijksarchief

3Muri software

3Muri software is regarded as the most reliable for seismic calculation of masonry structures in the academic world.


For ARCHICAD 19, Graphisoft has extended its robust 64-bit and multi-processing technologies with background processing – an industry first for BIM.


AEC industry projects often concern outside stakeholders that have no or limited technical understanding. A simple and engaging presentation of the project that they can access and share at any time anywhere is a powerful tool to help them understa

Vectorworks CAD software

Vectorworks CAD software is a line of industry-specific 2D/3D and BIM solutions that allow designers to advance their ideas from concept through completion. Two of the programs are described below, and more information is available online.

Summer 2015: Table of Contents

• Buzzworthy Design
• Museum of Prairiefire
• Winter Is Coming
• BIM for Masonry Releases New Roadmap
• Rijksarchief in Bruges

Spring 2015: From the Editor

Nearly every time I start to contemplate potential topics for my editor’s letters, I go through the same struggles: tossing around topic ideas, conducting research, composing articles in my head, starting and stopping the writing process, and final

Project Spotlight: Workhorse Rally – Stone Avenue Train Station

Tom Livingston, president of the Village of La Grange, Ill., reflects with fondness on the Stone Avenue Train Station. “My father took the train out of this station for forty years. It’s a real workhorse,” he said.

Brick: An Old Way to a Better Tomorrow

Since early mankind moved out of caves and into communities, brick was a desired construction material. With readily available raw materials, a simple manufacturing process, and durable and sustainable results, brick’s continued prominence is easy to und

Masonry Flashing

Flashings remain a critical component of any cavity wall system, diverting moisture outward as it collects in the cavity space to the exterior of the façade through the weep openings. A failure in this arrangement can ultimately lead to degradation of

Design Trends / Restoration: A Timely Renaissance

For nearly a century, throngs of area residents of Waltham, Mass., made their way to work in the iconic 1854 factory of the Waltham Watch Company along the Charles River. The first enterprise to produce watches on an assembly line, the company operated

Natural Stone Masonry 101

Stone. The term doesn’t have the same meaning it did 50 years ago. There was a time when someone would say “I’d like to put stone on my project” and everyone had a pretty good idea what they were considering. That was then. The legitimacy of the word

Enverge™ Air and Vapor Barrier

Firestone Building Products’ Enverge Air and Vapor Barrier is an asphalt-based, self-sealing wall barrier that provides energy savings...

Driwall™ Rainscreen

Keene Building’s Driwall Rainscreen system is a drainage mat for exterior wall systems. The entangled net product eliminates incidental moisture problems in most exterior veneer applications...

RainBarrier® Continuous Insulation

Thermafiber RainBarrier products from Owens Corning are designed for exceptional performance in rain screen and cavity wall construction applications.

PROSOCO R-Guard® Spray Wrap MVP

PROSOCO R-Guard® Spray Wrap MVP is a fluid-applied air and water-resistive barrier that stops air and water leakage in cavity wall, masonry veneer construction, as well as in stucco, EIFS and most other building wall assemblies.

Buechel Stone

Buechel Stone’s natural stone products are an ideal choice for any building application. No other building material offers the unique textures, natural colors, and breathtaking visual appeal found in natural stone, the company says.

InsulTech™ ICMU by Trenwyth

InsulTech™ ICMU by Trenwyth, an Oldcastle Architectural Brand, is a complete thermally broken insulated masonry system, which includes a full complement of masonry units.

Urban Ledgestone

Arriscraft, manufacturer of naturally made products that emulate quarried stone, introduces Urban Ledgestone – a new Building Stone product designed with simple installation in mind.

CalStar’s Brick Products

CalStar’s brick products, including its specialty line, can significantly reduce a project’s environmental impact, the company says.

Winter 2014-15: Table of Contents

Winter 2014-15: Table of Contents

Spring 2015: Table of Contents

Spring 2015: Table of Contents

Winter 2014-15: From the Editor

Recently, I renovated one of the bathrooms in my home. I tore it down to the studs and started from scratch. The process wasn’t easy or swift, but it wasn’t the work that was the difficult part – it was the decision-making.

Standing The Test Of Time

Cintec International, a leader in the field of structural masonry retrofit strengthening, repair, and preservation, reported recently that its patented anchors were used in the restoration of Astley Castle in Warwickshire, England. Following its renovat

Answering The Call: Firm Designs New Church For Saint Paul the Apostle

It’s not every day that one receives a call from a priest requesting one’s design services for a new church. But if that day comes, you’re certainly going to pick up the phone. That’s exactly what Duncan G. Stroik, Architect, LLC., did in 2012.

LEED: A Focus on Product Transparency

When USGBC launched LEED v4, it significantly advanced its mission to “transform the way we think about how buildings and communities are designed, constructed, maintained, and operated.”

Fall 2014: From the Editor

This year’s CSI CONSTRUCT show in Baltimore brought together industry professionals who design, build, specify, engineer, manage and renovate in the built environment.

Porous Pavements Q&A: Answers from the Man who Wrote the Book on the Subject

As the use of porous pavements grows, designers and agencies all over North America are learning for the first time this new approach to stormwater management.

Brick Paver Installation Methods

Brick, concrete, permeable, interlocking and stone pavers are popular paving options for exterior plazas, walkways, driveways and mass transit applications.

Award-Winning Hardscape Designs

At Masonry Design, we’re always on the lookout for beautiful, innovative, and unique projects to profile. And sometimes, in order to find those projects, we must take a step back and gaze toward our feet. Indeed, there are many hardscaping and pav

Project Spotlight: Bombay Sapphire’s New Facility

Pictured here is the new Bombay Sapphire Distillery in Laverstoke, Hampshire, UK. Heatherwick Studio retrofitted an old paper mill into gin-maker Bombay Sapphire’s first in-house production facility.

Automation Technology Plays a Key Role in Transportation Hub Renovation Project

A family-owned company in Livonia, Mich., Custom Stone Works (CSW) began in the granite business in 1999, and eventually went on to fabricate Indiana limestone for residential and commercial projects. CSW’s portfolio includes schools, churches, banks...

Masonry Cleaning

Who accepts responsibility when your employees don’t know what they’re doing? You’re smart, you work hard, and you’ve already realized that employee training takes both time and money. You’ve identified your problem; your issue becomes, what to do about

Project Spotlight: The ‘Hospital of the Future’

After a decade of planning and roughly three years of construction, a hospital consisting of 118,000 square feet of thin stone, 5,400 tons of steel, 19,700 yards of concrete, and 18 million feet of cable opened its state-of-the-art doors. Virtua Voorhee

Trelligence Affinity 8.1

Trelligence Affinity™ functional design software delivers a full suite of architectural programming, design, design validation, and reporting tools all within a single platform.

Graphisoft ArchiCAD 18

ArchiCAD 18 offers a streamlined workflow solution, keeping architects in the state of the creative design flow with as little disruption as possible.

Autodesk Building Design Suite 2015

Autodesk Building Design Suite 2015 is a portfolio of interoperable design software that supports BIM- and CAD-based workflows to help professionals design, simulate, visualize, and construct better buildings.

RISA Technologies’ RISA-3D

RISA-3D is billed as the most popular structural engineering software in the United States. So, chances are you’ve at least heard of it.

Design in Business: Design in the Age of Disruption

Once upon a time, refrigerators were cooled by blocks of ice, telephones had rotary dials, and television sets had only three channels. Today that seems quaint, but at the time it was the epitome of high tech. Of course, we are still keeping food fresh,

Rules and Regs in Business: The ACA’s Impact on Small Business

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) includes new laws and regulations that impact every aspect of our nation’s health care system: physicians, hospitals, insurance companies and many others.