2012 Brick in Architecture Awards Announced

Words: Bronzella Cleveland

The Brick Industry Association (BIA) has honored outstanding design incorporating genuine clay brick for both aesthetics and sustainability. Offering architects an increasingly wide palette of colors, textures and shapes for exterior and interior expression, the 2012 Brick in Architecture Award winning projects span 28 states and include commercial, educational, health care, houses of worship, municipal/government, paving and landscape architecture, multifamily and single-family residential.

In addition to competitive benefits over other exteriors, brick offers great freedom to match the architect's imagination and desires as well as an essential element of sustainable design. The complete list of winners including the Gold, Silver and Bronze winners is available at www.gobrick.com.

The 2012 Best in Class winners include:

Commercial: Atlantic Wharf, Boston

Architect: CBT Architects

Builder: John Ordinary & Associates Inc.

Mason Contractor: A. Jandris & Sons Inc.

Educational: The Ogden International School of Chicago

Architect: Nagle Hartray Architecture

Landscape Architect: Terry Guen Design Associates

Associate Architect: Schroeder Murchie Niemiec Gazda-Auskalnis Architects Ltd.

Builder: Turner Construction Co.

Mason Contractor: Illinois Masonry Corp.

Health Care: VIP Community Services, Men's Residences, New York City

Architect: WASA/Studio A

Landscape Architect: WASA/Studio A

Mason Contractor: Procida Construction

Houses of Worship: DuPage A.M.E. Church, Lisle, Ill.

Architect: Harding Partners

Builder: Moreton Construction

Manufacturer: Hanson Brick

Mason Contractor: J and E Duff

Municipal/Government: Wylie Civic Complex, Wylie, Texas

Architect: Holzman Moss Bottino Architecture, with Architexas

Mason Contractor: DMG Masonry Ltd.

Paving & Landscape Architecture: Carmel City Center, Carmel, Ind.

Architect: Pedcor Design Group LLC

Builder: Smock Fansler Corp.

Manufacturer: The Belden Brick Co.

Distributor: Indiana Brick Corp.

Mason Contractor: Smock Fansler Corp.

Developer: Pedcor City Development Co.

Construction Manager: Signature Construction

Structural Engineer: McComas Engineering Inc.

Civil Engineer: Kimbley & Proctor Inc.

Residental – Multi-Family: Bud Clark Commons, Portland, Ore.

Architect: Holst Architecture

Mason Contractor: J&S Masonry

Residential – Single-Family: The Point | NC State University Chancellor's Residence, Raleigh, N.C.

Architect: North Carolina State University

Landscape Architect: Office of the University Architect

Associate Architect: Weinstein Friedlein Architects

Builder: Rufty Homes

Manufacturer: Triangle Brick Co.

Mason Contractor: Capitol City Masonry

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