Winter 2014-15: Table of Contents

Words: Dan Kamys

Masonry Design Winter 2014-15


Winter 2015:

Table of Contents


LEED: A Focus on Product Transparency
When USGBC launched LEED v4, it significantly advanced its mission to “transform the way we think about how buildings and communities are designed.”
By Julie Rapoport

Project Spotlight
Answering The Call
It’s not every day that one receives a call from a priest requesting one’s design services for a new church. But if that day comes, you’re certainly going to pick up the phone.
By Cory Sekine-Pettite

Standing The Test Of Time
Following its renovations, Astley Castle was awarded the prestigious Riba Stirling Prize for Architecture.
By Cory Sekine-Pettite

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Letter from the Editor

Masonry Safety Inspections

The look of confusion and utter loss on people’s faces when I tell them that I’m a safety inspector for a masonry company is often hilarious.

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What AI Can Do For the Masonry Industry

If your pension fund doesn’t hold NVIDIA stock, your fund manager has some questions to answer. This week, NVIDIA became the most valuable company in the world, with a market cap exceeding $3.4 trillion. They have been at the forefront of AI mania that ha

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Brick: A Resilient Product That Will Make You Proud

Originating as the very dirt beneath our feet, brick has proven to be a sustainable, enduring solution that has been trusted for hundreds of years. While modern consumerism tends to focus on providing fast, cheap merchandise that is not intended to last,

Building a Sustainable Future with Brick: Benefits and Impact

In both residential and commercial building design and construction, there is a growing awareness and commitment to minimizing environmental impact while improving health, comfort, and overall well-being.